Monthly DevOps News #1

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Monthly DevOps Track #1 – 14/07/2018

Some great posts this month on important topics, including the economics of serverless, management in organisations adopting devops, and the importance and risks of metrics and measurements.


1 -) An excellent, detailed analysis of the economics of serverless – looking at when EC2 pricing is more efficient than AWS Lambda. Lots of data and the assumptions made.

2 -) A post on the human scalability of devops. Lots of good points, although the arguments are based on a specific definition and a startup usecase. In my experience large organisations are better about the non-fungibility of engineers.

3 -) Metrics and measurement are important parts of adopting devops but using the wrong metrics, or not evolving those metrics as your organisation evolves, can be problematic.

4 -) Some interesting, practical, observations around managing teams adopting devops practices. Devops tends to encourage multi-functional teams, but what management structures best support those functions working well together?

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