ECS Cluster Hibernation-Scheduled Stop/Start

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But Why?

Intensely utilized ECS Clusters can cost lots of Benjamins. Needless to say, there is no way around to lower the costs in Production environments besides provisioning appropriate type of instances for the tasks, coding efficiently, architecting a well-planned infrastructure and so on since the clusters must be running all the times. But of course an Infrastructure Engineer can take actions on Development environments to lower the costs.

I’m shutting down all clusters on Development environment between 23:00-07:00 in my way by a Python Lambda script which gets deployed by Terraform. I stop clusters by setting their Auto Scaling Group to 0. This makes all Container Instances to shut down. But what about the inital ASG states? Where do minimum, maximum and desired values go? I write them to a DynamoDB Table before setting them to 0.

I start the clusters by reading and setting the initial values for Cluster specific ASG from that DynamoDB Table.

For the schedule, I’m using CW Event Rules to trigger the Lambda script.

Let’s see the scripts!

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Monthly DevOps News #3

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Monthly DevOps Track #3 – 17/09/2018

Some great posts this month on important topics, including the benchmarks of serverless computing in different cloud providers, YAML files, Multi-Cloud governance and automation.


1 -) If you wrote YAML file before, you know the pain of your Pipeline saying that your YAML’s syntax is broken. These tools will help you spot syntax errors beforehand.

2 -) Detailed performance comparison of different cloud providers’ serverless computing services. Concurrency and overhead are the main criteria.

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The Ultimate DevOps Explanation

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Dream Has Come True!

I am a person who believes that if someone wants to do a successful job, they first need to understand what the job is fundamentally. I love how Albert Einstein put it as he states:

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
– Albert Einstein

With that being said, I consider Amazon’s DevOps definition as a simple yet amazing definition. It describes DevOps in a rough way but also covers nearly everything. Although, it needs some elaboration.

From what I’ve seen, ~99% of the definitions on the internet don’t cover up everything related to DevOps. Let’s be ~1%.

If you know what DevOps actually is, you will start seeing things from a different, constructive, rewarding and top-view perspective and contribute even more to your team.

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Monthly DevOps News #2

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Monthly DevOps Track #2 – 30/08/2018

Some great posts this month on important topics, including the economics of serverless, serverless strategies with organisations, and the importance of sustaining quality.


1 -) An excellent, detailed post about EU Commission’s new cloud strategy.

2 -) A post about sustaining high mainframe code quality while improving velocity efficieny.

3 -) Finding a correct approach to assess organizational readiness.

4 -) Cost-cutting is one of the most important concerns of cloud computing. This post gives some advices on reducing costs.

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